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📌 Corona Virus and the Civil Servants Together platform.

12/03/20 - Admin

With the advent of the Covid-19 outbreak, we are asking all platform members to avoid arranging exchanges where you organise to meet-up with others from your network. We are also requesting that members do not offer health advice or discuss information that might be factually incorrect or misleading. For official advice on the virus and what action to take - please follow the link provided to the UK Government website.

Official Advice

We've just launched the 'Events' functionality

23/03/20 - Admin

Good news! we've now launched the 'Events' function in the Activity stream. This means that you will now be able to create and search events in your area on any subject. It may not be a very busy function to begin with, (please don't arrange meet-ups and break social-distancing), but given time we believe that this will be a very popular addition. So don't advertise an after-work visit to the pub, but do post your keep-fit live-stream on periscope...

Check out our new campaign for coronavirus: #Strongertogether

20/03/20 - Admin

In response to the Corona Virus, we have set-up a new campaign to make it easier to associate your activity to the outbreak response and make it easier to find. So whether you're able to entertain an online audience with magic tricks, collect prescriptions for someone else or share your budget cooking tips, please do 'tag' your new activity with the #Strongertogether campaign.

Visit the campaign

Promotion: Free credits when you upload a new activity.

13/03/20 - Admin

What better way to build up your credits and help the platform thrive. Upload your Offer or Request today and start helping your colleagues. We will award you 1x platform credit for each activity you post. To register your activity, please click the button below.

Improved Region Tags

10/03/20 - Admin

Pleased to report that we've updated our region tags to include broader geographic areas such as 'North East' and 'South West' to make it easier to identify yourself if you are not located in one of our pilot regions. Some of our members have requested the addition of a City/Town tag to better locate themselves - and we were happy to help. If you'd like to have a region tag created for where you're based - then please message Joseph Morrell via the button below.

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Welcome to your new Moderators.

09/03/20 - Admin

Today, we're pleased to announce that three new platform Moderators have completed their initial training with us and are ready to start supporting their communities. We'd like to introduce Daniel Carville and Robert Worth who will be working to support members in the Newcastle and North East region. We're also delighted to welcome John Catterall who will be supporting the North West and the 'Online' Tag...

Upcoming Webinar - 13/03/20 @14:00

01/03/20 - Admin

Our next platform demonstration webinar is set for Friday 13th at 14:00. You are welcome to join the broadcast by clicking the button below to register. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

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Joseph Morrell

Community Exchange & Innovation Manager

Hi! I'm leading the development of the Civil Servants Together platform for the Charity for Civil...

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